Male Cats

Male Maine Coon Cats: the biggest and most beautiful!

The Maine Coon cat is a really handsome, he has an amazingly smooth silky fur coat, a bright color with variations, that boon nature has given this breed. A black Maine Coon is the most beautiful, a cat that is capable of falling in love with itself at first sight, so the price of such exemplar is always higher.

Maine Coon: size and habit

Male Maine Coon cat has a manly look: a massive neck and square outlines of the jaw, he associated with the usual images of actors playing superheroes. And cat’s profile with a specific crease between the forehead and the nose just makes you to reach for the camera Therewith Maine Coon has a truly masculine character: calm, balanced, moderately playful and unobtrusive.

Maine Coon is a fairly muscular cat, its athletic body appear thanks to a long evolution that took place in the North American frosty climate. As a result, they have optimal proportions: the ratio of muscle tissue, which allows to survive in a harsh climate, massive paws “snowmobiles” that keep the weight of the animal on the snow layer. And the special Maine Coon pride is wool, which equally well protects from cold, wind, heat and rain.

Maine Coon breed is the main representative of the largest domestic cats.

Their standard parameters are as follows:

  • 🐱 Height at the withers is up to 34 cm.
  • 🐱 Length with a tail is up to 1 meter.
  • 🐱 The length of the tail is up to 37 cm.
  • 🐱 Weight is up to 10 kg (individuals can weight up to 13 kg).

Let’s clarify that myths and legends about cats weighing 25 kilograms and a meter and a half long are only myths and legends. Even 13 kilograms gain only castrated individuals, which traditionally weigh more than those cats for breeding. All that is overweight is already obesity, requiring immediate measures to reduce weight.

Maine Coon breed: basic colors

In different combinations of colors, shades, lightened and darkened tones, experts-felinologists counted 75 variants of the possible maine coon coloring. Each of them “fits” into one of four color ‘s types that are specific for this breed.

  1. 🐾 Solid — black, white, red and / or shades of these colors.
  2. 🐾 Smoky — uneven coloring in the form of a light undercoat and dark ends of wool.
  3. 🐾 Tortoise — a combination of black and red, plus the clarified tones of these colors.
  4. 🐾 Bicolor — usually white + black, white + red.

It is believed that the most valuable Maine Coon is black.

Note that the traditional purebred Maine Coon does not have stripes. Usually striped individuals, similar to Maine Coons, appear, as a result of breeds mixing.

If it is important for the future owner to belong to the breed and the opportunity to participate in exhibitions — you should find a Maine Coon cattery and take kitten there with all documents. By the way, if you need a purebred Maine Coon — you can buy it in the cattery in Kiev.

Maine Coon Cats — Grooming needs

Care after the coat

Main care for the Maine Coons long hair is regular combing. In the moulting period, you need to scratch your cat every other day, or even every day. In other periods you can limit scratching twice a week.


It is necessary to give regularly wool-output food, as they are constantly licked themselves, and extra hair often enters the intestine. If you don’t wont problems hair should be output.

Experienced owners know the formula of feeding Maine Coon: alternate usual food + wool-output and normal food + preventive from urolithiasis. Last item is especially important for castrated individuals to avoid problems.

Another question that traditionally worries the owners of thoroughbred cats is whether it is necessary to feed an adult cat from a “human table” and is it possible to do without dry and canned food. In general, it is possible – because this breed appeared through natural selection and survived in the severe North American climate, when no artificial fodders were mentioned. But now it is another times, and it is desirable to consult a veterinarian.

If you decide to feed the cat “human” food – give priority to boiled meat, boiled fish, stewed vegetables, milk, and cottage cheese. Do not salt food! Do not abuse sweet, although some cats love yogurts and even ice cream, but excess is exactly harmful.


It is also believed that Maine Coon cats do not like drafts. In the wild area, they themselves found the opportunity to hide from a strong wind. At home, you need to worry about that, so you don’t have to treat your pet from cold.

Preparing for exhibition

A special item is the preparation animal for participation in the exhibition. Here you should focus on grooming salons (hair salons for animals). They can delegate responsibilities for combing a cat, cutting hair, cutting claws.

As a result, care for Maine Coon cat is as follows:

  1. 🐈 Regular combing;
  2. 🐈 Wool-output feed;
  3. 🐈 Feed-prevention of urolithiasis;
  4. 🐈 Draft protection;
  5. 🐈 Cutting claws;
  6. 🐈 Haircut (if necessary).

The main expensive things in caring after this cat are food and filler for the tray. On request you may need a veterinary and a grooming salon. With proper care, the main expenses for veterinarians are limited to the first year of the cat’s life, when it is necessary to make all the vaccinations according to the schedule (there are accessible in veterinary clinics).

This is all you need to consider, if you want to buy Maine Coon, then communication with the pet will be extremely fun!