Female Cats

Female Maine Coon is the perfect cat for your home!

Want to have a cheerful kind female cat? Do you want your children to always play with someone, but the fun was safe? And, maybe you miss the period when you had a small kitten at home, and you want it to last for eternity? Get a Maine Coon female cat.

The breed of Maine Coon cats differs in complaisant character – kind, absolutely not aggressive, friendly to children. And with the onset of puberty, female cat will gladly give you little fluffy kittens. Considering the prices of kittens of this breed, you completely compensate your expenses. And maybe you will earn more!

Maine Coon female cat: main features

It is believed that up to 6-8 month old male-kittens and female-kittens advance approximately the same way. Born with the weight of 170 grams, they grow at the same time in the first stages of life. They also eat similarly food and do not require any differences in care.

The difference in size and weight of male and female Maine Coons occurs after reaching the age of six months. After six months, they may begin to puberty – someone earlier, someone later, approximately after 8 months.

Not later than this point, you should decide whether your plans include breeding animals for sale or you are sufficient for the presence of your only pet. Therefore, after the first estrum, either provide the cat partner, or sterilize it.

Maine Coon cat: estrum features

The first estrum usually occurs in the period 7 – 10 months, each individual has its own time. Do not confuse the concept of estrus and the concept of final puberty. Maine Coon is a slowly growing breed, even after the first estrus and the birth of kittens female cats continue to grow, develop, taking body weight.

They can reach the final maturity by 3-4 years, but this does not prevent reproductive capability. The probability of missing the first estrum is not too great – most Maine Coons inform about it completely categorically and unambiguously.

Signs (first 1-3 th days):

  1. 🐾 The cat becomes more affectionate, much purring.
  2. 🐾 Constantly rubs against furniture, walls, legs and so on.
  3. 🐾 Regularly rolling over the floor.
  4. 🐾 Eats less, and usually drinks more.

Signs (4-11th days):

  1. 🐾 Signs of aggression.
  2. 🐾 Anxiety.
  3. 🐾 Howling and purring.
  4. 🐾 Marking its territory.
  5. 🐾 Goes to the toilet past the tray.
  6. 🐾 Attempts to go out, into the street.
  7. 🐾 Swelling of the genitals (not always).
  8. 🐾 When scratching the tail base, it takes a characteristic pose for mating.

If you do not need kittens – at the end of estrum you should show the animal to the veterinarian and solve the sterilization issue. If necessary – the ideal time for the first pairing comes in 10-15 months.

If the owners decided to ignore the problem, then the next estrum can begin in a couple of months and also last 10-12 days. Some felines suffer prolonged estrum for up to one and a half months. More precisely, the owners who ignored the problem suffer more.

Which choice is better sterilization or breeding it’s your decision. If your pet is SHOW or BREED class, you should think about breeding. After all, the price is too high for kittens that are brought Maine Coon cats, so growing cats for saling can become a pleasant and profitable business.

Maine Coon: pregnancy

This breed pregnancy lasts 68 days – a little longer than most other cats. For this period, immediately after mating, you should provide the healthiest food with proteins and vitamins, exclude sweets and smoked products. In first two weeks there are no special changes in the behavior and cats look. Changes begin after the third week.


  1. 🐱 3-4 weeks - swelling of the nipples, and beginning of toxicosis;
  2. 🐱 5th week - bettr appetite, weight gain start;
  3. 🐱 6-8 week - anxiety, search for a secluded place;
  4. 🐱 9-10 week - second toxicosis, constant licking, childbirth.

The second part of pregnancy should keep the cat from sudden movements, guests and households from playing with it. Otherwise, children can be harmed. With the birth maine coon quite well for herself, but caring owners can consult a veterinary and receive instructions how to help during childbirth.

At the end of the pregnancy period and after the birth, the cat should be fed the same as in the long term it is planned to feed the kittens. This minimizes the risk of food allergies, when they begin to receive it in parallel with feline feeding.

Maine Coon cat: sterilization.

If you decide to sterilize the animal and “close” the subject of reproduction, then you should choose one of two ways:

  1. 🐈 Tubal ligation.
  2. 🐈 Removal of tubes and uterus.

Each option has advantages and disadvantaged, which can be properly weighed by a veterinarian’s advice. In general, the situation is such that the complete removal of organs solves the problem of both reproduction and instincts, and associated with “cats concert”. But such operation is always more expensive, more complicated and more fraught with complications.

The tubal ligation is safer, solves the problem of pregnancy prevention, but does not save the cat from the instincts of cat searching and screams during this period. Therefore, consult, decide, but do not postpone this issue for a long time, otherwise a non-sterilized and not become pregnant cat can begin to ache.

The Maine Coon female cat is a really beautiful, she is tender and kind and brings great joy into the house. She will give happiness and will love you sincerely and faithfully.