Берем домой котят мейн-кун

How to choose the Maine Coon kitten?

If you want a kitten of Maine Coon breed, it's more correct to formulate the question from the title: «How to make sure that you have really Maine Coon, and not just a representative of a kindred breed»? At least,
10 интересных фактов о мейн-кунах

10 interesting facts about maine coon behavior

Do you know everything about your favorite Maine Coon? Probably not. Because every day of communication gives you new pleasant discoveries. But you need to know something about these wonderful cats before you bring Maine Coon cat home and it

Castration and sterilization: necessity or whim?

The question «castrate or not» will appear in any case, if you take a non—castrated Maine Coon. It sounds trite, but everything happens just like this. The perspective of March concerts, marked with cat's urine angles will lead to this