25 unknown cats motions, or why do the cats leads themselves like this?

Any slightest observant «cat’s lover» probably has its own top questions for tis persons, which they for obvious reasons, can’t answear. Why does your cat do this, and not otherwise? Why does he make these sounds, and not some others? Calm down! This questions have not only you. Therefore, today for all lovers of «tailed-striped» we prepare decoding of the 25 most common «srtanges» in the behavior of cats. First those 10, which are manifested in interaction with people, then 15, which are peculiar in communicating cats with the surrounding world. Totally the top 25 «questions to the cats».

Interaction with the people

1. Why do cats try to lick a person?

The procedure of «licking» is, in fact, the first experience of interaction with the outside world, which the kitten receives immediately after birth. This is subconsciously associated with a positive, a sense of security and sefety. Subsequently, the cat, wanting to take care of the owner, uses the arsenal of techniques that he himself received. In particular, he licks the owner.

2. Why do cats, sitting on human knees, often "sort out" with their paws, trying to either shake up, or massage the surrounding air?

This is an exclusively instinctive movement. In their cat’s infancy, animals in this way stimulate the feeding of milk from the mother cat while feeding. Therefore, if your pet is good — for example, while resting on your hands — he instinctively paws, «stimulating» the air.

3. Why do cats lay on their feet / on the foot of a person sitting quietly?

In catlike understanding, a quietly seated person does not carry a threat and is favorable to the animal. So you can safely sit and lie on your human leg without risking a kick. By the way, the real relationship of a particular individual to the animal cat is not able to recognize at this moment. Therefore, it may be that the cat will fall on the leg of a man who does not like cats, to put it mildly.

Кошачьи жесты

4. Why do cats rub against the feet of people, furniture, corners of the rooms?

In the cats, almost all over the body surface (tail, head, front paws, etc.) are located glands, the secretion of which is used to mark the territory. Wiped about a person or furniture, the cat marks that it’s all his. The mark of a cat is usually felt only by other cats.

5. Why do cats «hit» their heads on people?

Periodically you have to watch a picture of how your pet is not just rubbing against the owner’s legs, but as if imitating a header. In fact, this is a universal sign of favor, adopted both in relation to the cats to humans, and between the animals themselves.

6. Why do cats purr?

There is a theory that cats are purring only for humans. In fact, this is just a theory designed to amuse the ego of cat lovers. The cats express the positive attitude in their communication with people, and among themselves.

7. Why do cats bring people caught and killed mouse?

There are various explanations of this, both complimentary to people, and not very much.

  • 🐾 First is the cat shares with the person prey as a friend or brings him a gift in gratitude for the care.
  • 🐾 Less complimentary for the human kind of variant that the animal considers a person so dull that he hardly can feed himself independently, so it should be supported by food or taught to hunt for mice.

8. Why do cats grab people by their teeth or arm for a few seconds?

This is a sign of a good relationship and almost a «kiss.» Adjust the clamping force of animals usually can not, Maine Coons cats are large and strong, then this «kiss» may seem painful.

9. Why do cats start to make sounds when you are talking on Skype or by phone?

Cats are not aware of modern technology and, if they do not see your companion in the room, they consider your speech addressed solely to them. And they answer within their feline vocabulary.

10. Why do cats start to bite during long caresses?

Since people usually practice a set of caresses, touching the sensitive zones of the animal ears, nose, mustaches, then with prolonged stimulation of receptors in cats, there is a perfectly natural desire to complete the process. A guaranteed way is to bite your hand and repel the desire to stroke for at least a moment.

Interaction with the outside world

Взаимодействие с миром

1. When cat notice another cat, why they slow down and move more slowly?

This is a direct consequence of the «marking» of the territory, which was discussed above. Any individual that appears on the territory that the cat considers «his» is a potential source of conflict. If the forces are obviously not equal, or the animal understands that it «invaded» someone else’s space, then, in order to avoid an open confrontation, it demonstrates neutrality, tries not to make unnecessary movements and, if possible, not to look at a potential rival.

2. Why do domestic cats try to dig in excrements located inside the tray, working their paws on the surface of the floor around the tray?

This is a consequence of your efforts to teach the cat to cleanliness. Congratulations, you did it! The cat just does not want to get dirty. Of course, he does not bury the result of his life in this way, but you do not have to clean the filler adhering to the paws from the carpet, parquet, sofa and so on. And with the absorption of feces excrement filler in the tray is quite manageable.

3. Why do cats scratch the floor, «burying» a bowl of food?

There are two explanations:

  • 🍗 The cat does not like the food.
  • 🍗 The cat has a natural instinct, and he tries to make a cache of food.

To understand your specific case, you can experimentally: offer the cat something guaranteed delicious (that he exactly likes) and see how your pet does: eat or try to «bury» in reserve.

4. Why do cats put toys in a bowl for food?

This is also a consequence of the natural «marking» of the territory by animals. A bowl of food is considered more «one’s own» than any other place in the house. Cats have time to notice that from their bowl the food usually does not vanish and from there people just will not take care of themselves. That’s where the most valuable things are hidden, for example, his favorite toys.

5. Why do cats lick plastic objects, bags and other 100% synthetic materials?

Cats in this way are exploring new tastes and smells for themselves. If for most people plastic does not smell anything, then for cats it is a real storehouse of aromas.

6. Why do cats sometimes lift their upper lip and «frown» when something sniffs?

This means that this «something» interested the cat more than the usual surrounding objects. «Grimacing,» the cat inhales the fragrance that interested him, so that the inhaled air gets to vomeronasal organ, which is in the mouth of cats.

7. Why do cats touch window panes?

This is a normal test of the presence of an obstacle, there is or not. Cats always resort to such a check, if the obstacle is not visible, but it was previously revealed that it is there.

8. Why do cats hate washing?

Actually, they like to swim, but when they want to themselves, and not when the owner wants. Any violent actions cause a «cat’s protest.» As an acknowledgment, you can give an example with an aquarium: if cats did not like water — would you have to carefully guard the fish against cat encroachments?!

9. Why do cats drink water dripping from the tap?

This means that, regardless of the domestic content, your pet has not yet atrophied natural instincts. In the understanding of a wild animal, running water is guaranteed to be fresh and more suitable for drinking than standing water. Therefore, at home, with other things being equal, preference is given to water dripping from the tap, and not water in the vessel.

10. Why do cats try to find shelter when they get sick?

This is also a consequence of the natural instinct — the instinct of self—preservation. A sick and weak animal is an easy prey for a predator. And let at home there are no predators, the behavior model still works.

11. Why do cats long and diligently «lick»?

This is not only evidence of their cleanliness. It is also a way to maintain a normal mental state. For example, if the cats fall from somewhere — they immediately begin to lick themselves, thus «licking» the stress.

12. Why do cats scratch walls and furniture?

This is a kind of «two in one»: sharpening of claws and marking of territory, which has been discussed many times above. That is why buying a «special thing for sharpening» from a pet store rarely solves the problem completely.

13. Why do cats prefer to eat from the floor, and not from a bowl?

Annoying many owners of cats the habit of pulling food out of a bowl and transferring to a freshly washed floor has quite practical explanations.

  • 🍲 Cats find it difficult to get food from the narrow part of the bowl.
  • 🍲 Cats are uncomfortable when the whiskers and other receptive parts of the muzzle touch the edges of the bowl.

Therefore, they calmly eat only from very wide and shallow tanks or from the floor.

14. Why do domestic cats react to birds outside the window — squat, worry, move their mustaches and take a position, like for a jump?

Any member of the cat family is a hunter. And it does not depend on the conditions of food and food availability. In addition, the cat regards the appearance of another living creature at close range, even outside the window, as an intrusion into its legal space, which must be prevented.

Поведение кота

15. Why do cats gnaw handles of bags, bags, belts, bracelets, licking ashes — in general, put into the mouth, different things?

Cats need to sharpen their teeth, and a long and dense object — the handle from the bag, the watch strap fit comfortably into the cat’s mouth. Perhaps your pet lacks solid food in the diet. This also explains the desire to lick the ashes from cigarettes or ash in the fireplace that in food sometimes is missing. Try to add to the cat’s diet vitamins and microelements.

Here is the main top 25 questions of cat lovers to their pets, which already have answers. Therefore, be careful, observant and indulgent. And then you will not have any misunderstandings with your lesser brothers!