10 interesting facts about maine coon behavior

Do you know everything about your favorite Maine Coon? Probably not. Because every day of communication gives you new pleasant discoveries. But you need to know something about these wonderful cats before you bring Maine Coon cat home and it makes the first steps in your home. So, 10 interesting facts about the Maine Coon behavior.

Fact number 1

Maine-coons make unique, peculiar only to this breed, sounds. This is a cross between purring on a very high note, cooing and flicking. The tone is often so high that it does not correlate with the impressive size of an adult Maine Coon. And this gives a special charm to communicating with Maine Coons in their «cat’s» language.

Fact number 2

Maine Coons are very independent and almost do not need help with childbirth and education of the brood, accustoming the kittens to the toilet and cleanliness. Of course, at home maintenance they will receive such help, but this does not mean that they would not have managed themselves. This viability is explained by the natural origin of the breed through natural selection.

Fact number 3

Maine Coons are so clean that they usually clean the water before drinking with the front paw, as if «raking» invisible dirt from its surface. In part, this is also a consequence of their viability and adaptive potential.

Факты о поведении

Fact number 4

Maine coons actively use front paws for eating, drinking and playing. They can, taking food from the dishes, eat it directly from the paw, without spreading it to the floor. Or raise the toy with their paw and bring it closer to eyes, to get a better look.

Fact number 5

Maine coons easily stand on their hind legs and spend a long time in this unnatural for cats condition. For example, if they need to consider something in the distance, out of sight from the standard position (standing on four paws).

Fact number 6

Maine Coons are dexterous, agile and smart cats. There are cases when the Maine Coon overcame a 5-meter net barrier of an enclosure in the country section where it was let out for a walk. And they use this ability only if necessary. For example, if they are interested in something outside the enclosure, they will find a way out. Especially if the enclosure is not equipped with a roof.

Fact number 7

In the wild nature, Maine Coons live in pride. The main role in the pride is played by the oldest cat. When crossing a column, the male cat always closer.

Интересные факты о мейн-кунах

Fact number 8

Wild Maine Coons were first domesticate farmers in North America. Even the wild Maine Coon may well adapt to life in the neighborhood with man.

Fact number 9

Maine Coons are very patient in communicating with a people. These cats are almost never aggressive, and their needs are ready to be delivered in a soft format almost to infinity. For example, if you want to go out into the street Maine Coons can scratch their paws for hours on the window.

Fact number 10

Maine Coons are better than other cats to get along with other pets. Even with dogs.