A small trip into the history

We had a dream, we wanted to have the biggest, a huge cat in our house! Like all modern people, we went to the Internet in search of cat we want. The day when we were actively searching for Maine Coon cattery with kittens, we find an announcement about the sale of kittens in the KARDINAL GRAY cattery. Let's go and see it. And here is the moment of the meeting. We went into the room, and there, just incredible! The feline family greeted us with a fervent, eye-shining, with tassels on their ears, long fluffy tails and intelligent faces.

Pharaoh we chose immediately, he has coal black color, a small but proud panther, the leader of the pride. A month later, Pharaoh moved to our house. More intelligent, smart, kind and playful kitten we have never had before. He conquered our hearts and became a full family member.

And then was the first exhibition

When our Pharaoh became a Eurochampion, and we stocked up with knowledge, which we had never even imagined before, we realized that felinology has become part of our interests and our lives. Then we decided to make our own contribution to the development of Maine Coon breed.

That's how our cattery appeared, which we named in honour of our "first-born" - Black Faraon.

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  • Pleasant character
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Certificate of registration of the BLACK FARAON cattery in the International Organization of the breeding and breeding of variety of cats CFA

Certificate of registration of the BLACK FARAON cattery in the International Association of Cat Lovers Rolandus Union International